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Birmingham’s ExclusiveSimoniz Wash System

Anthony's Car Wash is proud to be the exclusive Simoniz Hot Wax and Shine system in Birmingham. For over 45-years Anthony has been serving Alabama with the finest quality car wash systems. Our relationship with Simoniz continues that standard and increases our customer commitment.

While we make it easy for you to enjoy our free vacuums and supplies we keep attendants available to get your car it's cleanest in the fastest time possible.

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  • Exterior Washes

    Our exterior washes are the best way to get your car clean at the best possible price.
    Start off by letting our automatic wash do all the heavy lifting. Using our simoniz wash your automobile may go into the wash dirty but it will come out clean.
    After you exit the wash take advantage of our free vacuum stations where you can spend a little time making the inside look as good as the outside.
    Be sure to check all of our options where you can take advantage of many items that will help you make the best of your visit.
  • Full Service Washes

    Take it easy and let our Wash Techs take care of it all!!
    All of our full service washes take advantage of our wash tunnel and our simonize system. Your automobile will sparkle when it exits the tunnel. But that is not where it ends.
    As soon as your vehicle exits the tunnel it will be assigned a wash tech that will give your car personal attention inside and out.
    beginning with an exterior cloth bath and ending with a spotless floor, windows, seats and dash. Every part of your vehicle will be taken care of!
  • Options and Upgrades

    We've done our best to make sure our wash meets all of your needs and our options and upgrades lets your tailor each visit to your every whim.
    Start off taking advantage of our wash tunnel and the options and upgrades available inside the tunnel..
    After you leave the tunnel you'll find another selection available to make your experience complete. From wash towels to cleaners we've got everything you need to make your vehicle shine inside and out.
  • Professional Detail Services

    Take it to the next level!!!
    Want to give your vehicle back what years of wear have taken away from it? Then you'll need our Detail Services. All of these items are done with care by hand the only way it can rightly be completed.
    From interior carpet cleaning to engine cleaning we do everything you need to being a luster to your vehicle that you may have not seen in ages!
  • Express Detail Service

    Give your vehicle that little something extra.
    Let one of our wash techs give your vehicle that little extra something. Our list of Express Details Services are performed quickly and precisely providing you a very clean automobile
  • Car Wash & Detail Center

    For the Ultimate Shine & Protection
    Let our professional restorers give you the best that Anthony's Car Wash has to offer. Using Pinnacle Natural Brilliance products we will give your car that show room shine!
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